Enabling todays centralized, remote and dispersed workforces the ability to access the  information they need

quickly and efficiently. 

Information Management transforms into a Knowledge Database
with WINwithHoneycomb.
See what makes Honeycomb different .....
Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple,

we put our clients collateral at their fingertips. 

Our Objective

Our objective is to deliver your most current, relevant and focused information to your staff, anytime, anywhere.

Our Goal

Our goal is for our clients to pull up any information they need, with the click of a mouse or swipe of finger, in less than 30 seconds.

Build on Our Benefits
Top 3 Benefits

Search Algorithms

The WINwithHoneycomb search algorithm is based on how 'people' find documents and not how computers 'search' for files.  

This super intuitive process makes document storage and retrieval the number 1 benefit of WINwithHoneycomb.

True 'out of the box' deployment.

WINwithHoneycomb will create your portal and it will be ready to use day 1.

Minimal to no IT resources required.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Forget per seat pricing.  WINwithHoneycomb believes for a system to be effective and to deliver value everyone needs access.

WWH offers three simple packages, each with three options, 

it's that simple.

What sets WINwithHoneycomb apart

WINwithHoneycomb was developed to mimic how people sort, store and retrieve data, as opposed to how traditional systems were developed, to manage files.  During presentations and demos most potential users ask us how Honeycomb compares to Sharepoint.

Sharepoint logo
See what makes Honeycomb different
Requires IT resources, programming & months to implement.
& Set Up
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Minimal to NO IT resources, NO programming & days to weeks to deploy.
Structured to manage documents, files & folders.
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Designed to manage information.
Looks & feels like file explorer in Windows, with multiple options and selections.
User Interface
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A simple interface which prompts the user to enter / select key items to find the information they are seeking.
Training is required for basic functions and advancer training required for specialized features.
Ease of Use
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Designed like 'an app', intuitive, easy to use.  Vast majority of user need no training to begin searching for information.
Fully customizable and programmable.
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Programming & Customization
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Honeycomb offers preprogrammed menus & selections to develop custom interfaces however programming and full customization is not an option.
Complex offering with associated price options.
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Cost of Ownership
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Pricing is based on the size of the organization, no per seat pricing - everyone receives access, three options available focusing on Sales & Marketing, Operations & Quality/Admin. 

If there specific features or functions, or other software you would like to compare to WINwithHoneycomb we would be happy to help.  Simply contact us at

Some of our clients .....
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Mircom Zahra


Beauty Supply

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"with business development staff and project engineers in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, The Netherlands and Bogota Honeycomb enabled us to ensure all our staff had direct access to the information they needed.  Was easy to implement and easier to use". 

Stephen @ Pi Eco Canada

"we were completing an international proposal in cooperation with three different divisions and without WWH I'm not sure how we would have been able to complete the bid as quickly and efficiently as we did."

Domenic @ Nexeya

"with offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Rotterdam WINwithHoneycomb enables us to compile information and share it seamlessly." 

Michael @ Rainmaker