Why Honeycomb is so different.

When we first developed Honeycomb we layed out how we looked up documents; including pdfs, Microsoft docs, Apple docs, photos, videos, audio clips, Engineering design files and more. 
We wanted to find a way to store and retrieve anything that could be saved on a computer. 
Think of Honeycomb as a set of super filing cabinets.
You have filing cabinets dedicated to Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Operations, Quality, Finance, HR, etc.
You have filing cabinets for the markets you serve, one for each vertical.
You have a filing cabinet for the geographies where you sell & service.
You have a filing cabinet for each customer.
One for each product line or division.
The beauty of Honeycomb is that when you store a document, ANY document that you can store on your computer, you save several key characteristics associated with that document.  These characteristics transform a typical file management system to the Honeycomb Knowledge Database.
You are no longer relying on a document name to find it later.  You are no longer relying on trying to find someone that 'knows' the file.  When you are looking for a document you can select the criteria that are important to you and you'll be presented with a set of ranked documents that meet that criteria.
The two videos below illustrate exactly what we mean.

Want to know more?

We are always excited to learn more about our potential customers and their needs.  The process to learn more about Honeycomb is extremely simple ...... the best way to understand Honeycomb is to see it in action.
  1. Set up a remote demo (zoom, google meet, skype) - info@WINwithHoneycomb.com.
  2. An account manager will walk through how the system works via a demo.
  3. We start with looking up documents and files.
  4. We review how to save / upload a file.
  5. We review how to set up the user interface.
  6. We'll answer all your questions.

What does an implementation look like?

If you are interested in implementing WINwithHoneycomb the process is simple and straightforward.
We identify a key contact on the user's side - the Administrator and match that person with an account manager.
The account manager will review the type of documents you store, how you classify them and how you would like to retrieve them.
Honeycomb will then develop the User Interface and provide training on how to create new interfaces or modify the current interface (you can always call for help at any time and we can make the changes for you).
Once the interface is completed we will conduct a dry run with the administrator.  Once the administrator is trained we will hold a training session with the staff to outline how to save and retrieve documents.
Though we have launched implementations in a day, we target 3 to 5 days to accommodate schedules.

Interested to learn more?

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