Knowledge Database

A Knowledge Database Built Around You

The benefits of a knowledge database range from having access to information to having a source to query for answers, but offers so much more. At Win With Honeycomb, we offer our clients a more personalized knowledge database, built around how you manage, store, and use information. Much like collaborative document management, the Honeycomb database collaborates with the user and how they choose to store, label, and file documents. This makes information easier to find, quicker to locate, and typically produces more relevant and effective results.

It doesn't matter if it is business to business, business to customer, or a deal between the CEO or a contract opportunity for a field rep with a potential customer, nothing is a bigger deal-killer than, "wait one second, I know I have that information here somewhere," response. When that client, partner, or potential customer asks what the profit margin was for company x or what the typical ROI was on product y, answers aren't optional. Yes, you are a good owner, a reliable manager, a diligent employee, you just might not be familiar with the filing and search system your computer uses. The answer is a knowledge base that includes you, and the way you file, store, and retrieve information.

Yes, we can help with collaborative document management options, but we probably won't have to with the Honeycomb knowledge database, because it collaborates with you. If you would like to learn more about how Win With Honeycomb can help your business, we would love to talk with you. Contact us, and let our experienced and expert database team show you, in real-world ways, the difference the Honeycomb knowledge database can make for your business today.